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Crafty Carp
2 East Road

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My aim is to help you learn the fundamentals of carp fishing which may help you catch more carp. Carp fishing is not only about chilling out and trying to outsmart nature, it's about being consistent, day in day out. With one or two lessons, you could catch the fish of a lifetime.

The Basic tutorial is a day session. It is designed to be an introduction to the sport. This is an excellent ice breaker for the beginner or for those returning to the sport after a break from fishing. My teaching experience has taught me that we must break the learning curve down into incremental steps, you will learn far more effectively this way. Learn a skill, replicate it at your own pace and move on to the next skill.

Skills for the day session include;
How to cast effectively
The correct use of the marker float
How to prepare your bait correctly
Tying your own rigs
Using pop ups
Using the throwing stick
Landing fish correctly
Fish care
Returning fish correctly

The advanced tutorial is a 24 hour session. It will take place on one of the UK’s big fish venues. The venues contain fish up to and over 40lbs in weight.

This is a hard core big fish tutorial on a venue which has a reputation for producing some for very big carp. I’m lucky enough to be a syndicate member of Burghfield Main Lake (Advanced Angling), Bluebells (Kingfisher) and The Car Park Lake, Yateley, some of my favoured venues. These venues are not easy, the learning curve will be extremely steep and you will need to switch on from the start of the session. The aim of the session is to help you improve your chance of catching a big carp and smashing your current PB.

Skills for the advanced session:

The art and importance of fish location (finding your carp)

Feeding (the right time and place)

Finding feeding spots

Technical rig tying (90˚rig, 360rig, trigger links, hinged stiff rigs, combi rigs)

Using the Zig rig

Surface fishing

Technical bait presentation including PVA (solid bags, mesh, string, tape)

Using alternative natural baits

Bait analysis

Your Bait, food and drinks are all provided for you on this session.

You simply need to be in the right place at the right time with the right mind set, and don’t forget your tackle!

(I don’t like boats, I don’t own a boat – please do not bring one!)

There are no real short cuts or ‘magic baits’ in carp fishing; it’s a journey, a fantastic learning experience which will take you to some beautiful destinations.

“Every journey starts with a single footstep, so let’s get you started on your way”.

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