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What lottery for you?

We understand that clubs are not all the same. The amount of members, geographical position and type of sport all have an effect on the fundraising that is viable for your club.

When we visit you for the initial consultation, we will assess all the relevent aspects involved in how to match your club with the right lottery and club page. We will ensure that your fund raising efforts are as efficient and as fruitful as they possibly could be.

Ok, so what's available?

We can accomodate lotteries from 100 members up to 4000 members but the prizes and benefits remain the same, however the rewards to the club are obviously controlled by the amount of players involved, so we would always recommend pushing it to the upper limits. Be as ambitious as you can.

With 100 lottery players, we would recommend a charge of 15 per ticket. This would raise 535 per month for your club every month.

100 tickets
(sold per month) at 15 = 525 per month for your club

150 tickets
at 10 = 525 per month for your club

250 tickets
at 8 = 830 per month for your club

400 tickets
at 7 = 1190 per month for your club

800 tickets
at 6 = 2482 per month for your club

1000 tickets
at 5 = 2850 per month for your club

Payments can be collected by
monthly direct debit and all money
will go directly to your club.
To register your club for
a no obligation meeting
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